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Long Haired German Shepherd, German Shepherd Mix Puppies, Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, White German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Facts

Long Haired German Shepherd, German Shepherd Mix Puppies, Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, White German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Facts, After the First World War, a large number of German shepherd introduced to Britain, and then quickly to the rest of the world. German shepherd became the most widely distributed, one of the most popular dog breeds.

Most favorite Shepherd is the Germans, Germany has about 500,000 German shepherds, of which 90% are kept by the family, the dogs become residents of good partners and guards; the remaining 10% is by the police, customs, Rescue organizations and other institutions domesticated.

german shepherd temperament

#What Are The German Shepherd Facts?

German Shepherd Facts have a disgraceful history. During the First World War, the German shepherd was sent to the front of the war; the Second World War, by the Hitler order, army recruited 200,000 shepherds, this well-trained German shepherd became escort victims of explosives and Watchdog of the Nazi concentration camp. Later, after the Berlin Wall was built, it also served as the guard of the border between East and West Germany.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the German shepherd became a film star, playing an important role in many television series, popular, especially obsessed with young friends. In the TV series “Rex Sergeant”, the German shepherd has excellent performance.

The film has been translated into 26 languages around the world and widely circulated, the German shepherd is so famous, that by April 1999, the German shepherd welcomed the “hundred birthday.” German Shepherd Dog Association and dog enthusiasts in different forms of celebration to commemorate it the “king of dogs in the world” come out 100 years.

#German Shepherd Facts About Serving Country

At first, the German shepherd was put into use as a tracking dog. Police dogs for different purposes only a variety of different views, such as tracking dogs, in addition to the basic skills of dogs, but also should have a good pathfinder instinct.

Shortly after, people in the Grvnheide and other local training center found that the German Shepherd to work with the nose has a special advantage.

Therefore, the German Shepherd in the police and the army was first enabled. Grvnheide was well-known at the Police Training Center until World War I broke out and police officers from all walks of life came to Grvnheide for training, bringing back the well-trained German police to the German shepherd.

In this way, the German shepherd in the world as a “dog” laid the foundation so that the German Shepherd became the world recognized one of the best working dogs.

German animal husbandry is 100% loyalty to the owner, as the meek is certainly not Su Mu herding, but a well-trained German Shepherd is a very loyal to the owner, and sometimes the police force the task force, it knows that it is possible to Live lost, but it still will follow the instructions of the owner to complete the task!

German Shepherd dog

German Shepherd, also known as German shepherds, commonly known as German dogs. In most people’s minds, the German Shepherd is a very ferocious breed.

In fact, the German Shepherd is not a fighting fighter, of course, this may be because it is very proud of its view that it is not a threat to the object, it can only use the eyes to glance.

But if necessary, it is also a brave, violent attackers. In the relationship with people, it not only gives people a little emotion, at the same time, it’s strong self-esteem, easy to suspect strangers, once established a friendship, it will not change for life.

German Shepherd dog’s personality is the activity of the dog itself, ultimate endurance, the sum of individual neural differences. The character is a dog’s instinct, determined by genetic factors, is innate, acquired training is simply cannot be changed, that is, as the saying goes, “nature hard to move.”

German Shepherd is a police dog, good quality German Shepherd gives the first impression is clever, agile, aggressive, in fact, for the German Shepherd,

#More advantages For Owner’s Excavation

The very high degree of training

The German Shepherd training can be very high, even home tuning, as long as a little training will be able to complete the related tasks.

Self-defense strong

In the German shepherd thinking consciousness, born to produce a defense mechanism to protect themselves from harm, so for foreign invaders or strangers, etc. can show high vigilance, timely Take defensive measures to protect themselves and their owners.

Strongly restrained

Although the German shepherd ferocious, but as long as their own or the owner is not attacked, no matter how dangerous the situation will not take the initiative to attack, especially the weak of the same kind, this character and appearance of some seemingly gentle small breeds exactly the opposite.


Self-confidence is not proud of the German Shepherd’s greatest strengths. They have great courage and courage to deal with any dangerous events, which if not a high degree of self-confidence is absolutely impossible to achieve.

#German Shepherd Facts About Common Diseases

Hip Hypoplasia
Elbow Hypoplasia
Chronic degenerative spinal cord neuropathy
Acute gastritis
Von Willebrand disease
Disc disease
Giant axonal neuropathy

#German Shepherd Facts About Mating and Reproduction

things to know about german shepherds

Must not choose maternal inbreeding puppies and cross-breeding breed of puppies or mixed bloodline breeding puppies, but from the patrilineal inbreeding, puppies can be considered to buy.

Generally, do not select the body is too small or small bone mass of the puppy, even if the choice of such female puppies are generally not suitable for breeding bitches as a breeding offspring; must not reproduce.

But also carefully selected larger Or bone mass of the male dog with mating, it is possible to reproduce the quality of some better offspring. Otherwise not dystocia is “defective.”

A good race dog is not necessarily a good breeding dog, but a good breed dog will breed excellent game-level dogs. Therefore, in the selection of puppies, do not one-sidedly believe that as long as the dog is too award-winning baby is good, no appreciation of the dog’s calf is not good.

Therefore, in the purchase, be sure to follow the basic principles and standards of selection puppies.

Often, a bitch with a good pedigree is the best breeder. Because at this time is a bitch in the best age of childbearing, the puppy breeding the best genetic effects.

Pay attention to the kinds of male dogs in the age of mating age. Because younger dogs (in general, 16 months old dog is not suitable for mating) is still in the growth stage of reproductive organs is not sound, the number of semen less and the quality is not high, in the breeding expert eye, The breeding of puppies genetic effects cannot be the best.

Do not repel puppies that have been purified by inbreeding. That is, after the first generation of mating, to be mature after the mother puppy, and then with the male species of male dogs with mating, this cycle after four generations may be the birth of the top grade puppies.

german shepherd history facts

As long as the kind of male dogs is pure blood, the quality of their offspring puppies are generally not very poor.

Select puppies to pay special attention to if the same puppies coat color change too much or have Soke, this nest puppy in the future for the value of the dog is not great.

Select the male puppies must pay attention to touch its testicles, is a pair of dogs that show the value and possible, is a dog cannot be as a kind of dog and race level, only as a general Playing dogs, and the price should not be too expensive.

Buying puppies to genuine, high-quality breeding experts do not talk “buying and selling” directly. First, show your love and enthusiasm, and make a clear commitment to be well-nurtured, otherwise, it will not be possible to get a puppy.

The same is not easy to open that the purchase of mother and puppies desire because the real breeding experts will never be the seed of the puppies easily subject to his fans do not understand.

In the selection of puppies, pay attention to carefully observe the puppies face, ears, genitals and other parts to see if there are traces of plastic surgery, if there are obvious traces should be carefully purchased.

#German Shepherd Facts About Training Methods

german shepherd facts for kid

Defecation rules:Healthy feeding to prevent odor, even if the dog did not follow the rules, do not easily angry with the dog, to maintain a certain degree of patience.
Walking rules: Walking rules: Do not let the dog walk in front of you, let it go with the left side of the owner, the best thing is to change the time and route.
Let the dog be social:Let the dog remember the social rules, and strive to win the love of people and other dogs, too spoiled not good, it should hold the same feelings and train children contact with the dog.
Training into the box:Learned to travel alone and do not have to worry about, do not give the dog locked up impression.
Prohibition of picking something to eat on the road: To prevent eating rotten or toxic things, the dog was about to pick up food dropped to the ground when the food, tighten the rope. Do not look at other dogs.
Do not ring the doorbell ringing:Do not let the roar bother neighbors, with a tape to record the door ring for a friend to help the doorbell, let the dog understand that this is futile.
Let the dog remember that he cannot enter the room without permission:In order not to leave a bad impression on the guests when it was about to enter the room should be immediately blamed.
Do not let it casually barking: In order not to trouble neighbors, so that dogs and people can coexist in peace, find the roar of various reasons.
Stop the bad things bite:When the dog biting things, it should immediately stop and issued a severe hand reprimanded, and may consider buying some dogs bite rubber or toys for its bite.
When the sound is still stopingTo this purpose, you can gently hit it a few times to show corporal punishment, when it stops chewing, do not forget to praise it a few times in a timely manner.
Eating rules: If the dog wants to eat something, it will cause harm to its health, and so let him keep the food from time to time to provide the most important.
Public housing in the upbringing:Taking into account the people who hate dogs, so do not easily laissez-faire.
Separate housekeeping rules: Do not let the dog take things in the room like naughty (such as garbage basket).
On the defecation discipline: Let the dog firmly remember the rules of the toilet, be sure to train a good dog bowel habits.
Dogs love to clean, and do not defecate in their own nest. Therefore, the dog home, first of all, should tell it the location of the potty, and let it be there once in a row.
At first, the dog will not be in the provisions of the phenomenon of defecation, then you should take the dog to another house, in its invisible circumstances.
Dirty place should clean up and then spray some deodorant. Slowly, the puppy will be able to remember the location of the potty, two weeks later, the dog will be able to place their own defecation to the designated place.

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